The PM Interview Question Bank

Matt Hinds
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This PM interview question bank is part of the PM Playbook series, the ultimate guide to get into Product Management.

Leading Product Managers Matt Hinds and James Gabb share their learnings and real-life examples from Amazon, Atlassian, SafetyCulture, Eucalyptus, and their own startups to maximise your chances of becoming a Product Manager.

In this question bank, we’ll share everything you need to know to nail your Product Management interviews. Study these, and you’ll be in a good place for your upcoming interviews.

What does a typical PM interview process look like?

1. Screening interview (30mins)

  • You’ll be interviewed by the Talent Acquisition Rep
  • The purpose is to screen out candidates who aren’t serious about the job
  • You’ll be asked screening questions

Functional interview (60mins)

  • You’ll be interviewed by a Senior PM or Group PM
  • The purpose is to understand if you have relevant skills and experience for the role
  • You may be asked behavioral, design, strategy, estimation, and metrics questions

Case study interview (60mins)

  • Typically a take-home task that you’ll be given 7 days to complete, followed by a live presentation and Q&A with the interviewers (other PMs)
  • The purpose is to put you in the shoes of a PM to see how you think
  • You’ll be asked questions specific to the case study ideas you propose

Whiteboard interview (60mins)

  • Not all companies have this, but you’ll be asked to present a previous project that you led or played a major role into other PMs
  • You’ll cover aspects like the problem you were solving, success metrics, and how your team solved it
  • You may be asked questions specific to the project you were involved in

Cultural interview (45mins)

  • You’ll be interviewed by a potential team member (engineer or designer) to see if you fit in culturally and can work together day-to-day
  • You’ll be asked behavioral questions

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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Matt & James

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The PM Interview Question Bank

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